Pacific Maritime Ministries offers the perfect environment for the small and medium sized youth group providing unique camp and retreat programs for groups up to 30 participants.

"Haul away together"

It is time to SET SAIL and EXPLORE LIFE.  Pacific Maritime Ministries offer the perfect setting for looking at life form a new point of view, the deck of a tallship.  Like the historic voyages of old, exploration and discovery are the reason for setting out upon the sea.  This time however the treasure we seek is Spiritual and truly life changing.  This is not a dock side program or a virtual simulation, your youth will participate in sailing a Tall Ship. 

As youth sail with Pacific Maritime they will have opportunities to haul on lines, to raise the sails, take the helm and steer, stand lookout, and even go aloft, up into the rigging where they will get a new perspective on the world from high above the deck.  On voyages of three days or more we can sail to Catalina Island where there will be opportunities for rowing, snorkeling, tide pooling, and hiking. 

Its time to steer a new course

Pacific Maritime Ministries will work with you to create and provide an individual program focused at the specific growth needs of your group.  The environment on board ship is ideal for team building, spiritual formation, and personal growth in Christ.  Come join us for the day, for the weekend, for the week, for changed and empowered lives for eternity.

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Homeschool Field Trips

The Pacific Maritime Institute Homeschool program can enhance the Homeschool experience by providing real life use of math, science, ecology, history, and biology in an exciting and unique environment.  Questions as simple as "how does a block and tackle work?" or "how do we find out where we are when there are no street signs?" lead us into basic physics and geometery  Ecology is found in discussions about why we don't allow our trash to go into the ocean and history when we explore what tall ships were used for in the "olden days." 

Add to this the wonder of sailing through God's created kingdom as we encounter sea life and birds.  For older groups the working of a sailing vessel is a perfect parable to show how the body of believers should work to move God's kingdom forward.

Here are a few reasons to spend a day at sea with the

Pacific Maritime Institute

  • Sailing--not a dock side program
  • A participatory program with Spiritual Applications-Life as a Parable
  • Learning in a Non-competitive envoronment
  • Teamwork and Character Building
  • Self-Challenging--explore in a new, unfamiliar environment
  • Questions are always welcome
  • Participants challanged to grow Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually
  • Experiance the excitment of Traditional Tall Ship Sailing under Southern California Skies
  • Experience one of the worlds busiest commercial ports from the water
  • Intellignet alternative to amusment parks for approximately the same price

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PETER PUGET In the Back Bay Estuary of Newport, CA

The Longboat Peter Puget is perfect for really small groups.

  Certified and insured for six (6) participants Peter Puget provides an upclose & personal encounter with the water, sand,& sea life, in a hands on experience, as we row and sail through local bays and harbors.

  Perfect for:

  • Leadership teams (Youth or Adult)
  • Pastoral staffs (Learn to pull together and steer a true course)
  • Small groups (Experience working together truly all in the same boat)
  • All who are seeking to build teamwork and explore the reality of unity, community, and connectivity.

Peter Puget is also a excellent platform for a small group day camp format with six participants involved in learning to row, sail, and work together. (swimming, tidepooling, games included). Bring a sack lunch and a drink and let's experiance, explore, and enjoy. 

The Peter Puget and his Crew of Two are available for $35.00 per particpant per day.

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